Oleh: ar1faz1z | 10/01/2011

My most beautiful memories with my mother who I will never forget

I come from a simple family.

My father’s name M.turmuji achdi, and my mother name Irah,
My first child of four children.
My sister’s first name Ilham maulana, and the second named Khatami Khamaini, and the third named irji Kurtubi.My experience

with my mother when I was 10 years old I was given a bicycle even though bikes supplied by my mother was not good, I am very happy because the bike was in my mother’s love by loving.and experience other vocational school is when I sit in class 3, unrelenting mother gave me the spirit to face the exams at school,I immediately felt when the announcement was afraid if I did not pass the course the mother will be disappointed with me. when I got a letter containing his graduation and no, I’m open to trust and believe I graduated.after seen the contents of the letter, I passed, the funds I am happy, I hugged my mother and father gave the letter that I graduated from school …

ow …….. My heart was happy to see my mom happy because I pass and get results that make my mother proud of me.

oh my mom I’m sorry if I have a lot of wrong to you, I’m sorry if the first mother and maybe until now I often argue and make you mad at me.

There is no affection of the most beautiful, except love you,
I’m sorry I never made you happy,
sorry if I have to disappoint you,
any way I would do, to make you happy, before you leave me alone dsini.
Thank you for your affection mother who NEVER would be over!





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